In theory we all have a little spare time on our hands, so here’s a quick list of things that we’ve popped on our ‘wish list’ to complete while stuck in “iso”.

  1. Learn a language
  2. Reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with (i.e. Facebook/Instagram stalk with a purpose)
  3. Do an online course you’ve always wished you had time for (i.e. learn a new skill)
  4. Find people/organisations online who can help you grow and develop (professionally and personally)
  5. Use the time to educate yourself about a topic you’re interested in learning more about
  6. Plan a trip (for when travel is permitted again)
  7. Pick a financial goal and develop a budget to help you get there
  8. Write that book that you have inside you
  9. Take up meditation
  10. Try some online workouts (e.g. LES MILLS On Demand, Centr, PT in my Pocket, HIIT Factory)

What does your list look like? We’d love to hear…