So what’s been happening with You Girl Boy during the coronavirus shutdown?

Well, like many other businesses, I had to put all our production on hold. And like all those other businesses around the world, we too are unsure when things will get be back on track.

As much as we’d love to give you a precise date of when we’ll be back into the swing of things, we can’t right now. But, with the most recent announcements from our government, at least we know we’re getting closer! 

You Girl Boy is a young business, but we’re also resilient! And we’ve been operating under a slow burn approach which means we are well placed to maintain a minimal impact by this economic crisis. Our mission to create confidence through clothing for our customers remains as strong today as it always has. It’s just that we have to wait a while longer before we can share our wares (or should that be “wears” in this instance?) with the masses.

The great news ism, I have everything ready to go so that when the lockdown relaxes we can spring into action! For now, we remain respectful of the rules and but are eagerly awaiting the news that we can dive right back into production – especially now that we’ve sourced our sustainable material! 

Of course, I encourage you pre-orders – which you can place via this website, and the moment we can leap into action, your shirt will be on its way!

Of course, we to those who had placed their orders prior to lockdown, we thank you immensely for your patience.

Please know I’m sending much love and peace to you all at this time, and we look forward to life and business starting to return to “normal” soon.

Stay safe, well and confident.

Yvette xxx

Founder, You Girl Boy