For those of us who have been unexpectedly catapulted into a “WFH” situation (that’s “work from home”, by the way), what’s not perhaps making it into the weekly report to the boss, is how our productivity levels may have taken a slight nose-dive while we adjust to this new normal.

While the notion of working from home can sound like the best Christmas gift ever, the truth is, when it comes to work efficiency and effectiveness WFH is not suited to everybody. Some of us need to be surrounded by people, noise and cheap granulated coffee, in order to perform at our best.

Being thrust into an environment where the cat wants to sleep on our lap, the kids can’t log onto Webex to speak with their teacher,  and the washing pile keeps screaming at us to be sorted can – understandably – prove a valid distraction and an impedance to our productivity.

If you’re among the many who are struggling to get things ticked off the work to-do list, here are a few tips to help you find your WFH groove.

  1. Stick to your morning routine

It’s important to get up and have brekky, meditate, exercise or do whatever it is you would normally do each morning before you used to head off to the workplace. Sticking to your established routine will help you get into the “I’m going to work without actually going to work” mindset.

  1. Get dressed

This might sound odd but make sure you get dressed – and we don’t mean “business up top and party down the bottom” for your Zoom meetings (although that is always the bare minimum to strive for!). Getting dressed each day is important; you don’t need to slip into your office clothes or uniform necessarily, but it’s a good idea to don some decent clothes, purely so your head knows that you’re in work mode and not Netflix mode. Only once you’ve really sorted out your WFH productivity groove do we suggest you start working in your PJs.

  1. Take breaks

Some of us feel like we have to be tied to the computer in order to prove we’re being productive while at home. But it’s important to take the same breaks you would as if you were at work. So if you’d normally hit the watercooler at 10am, shovel a sandy in your piehole at midday and shovel some sugar at 3pm, then do that during your WFH shift too.

If you’re trying really hard but you’re still not feeling like you’re getting into a good WFH rhythm then try this:

  1. Check your footwear: Ditching the uggs and slipping your tootsies into proper shoes that you’d wear outdoors, can help pop your brain in a more productive mode than if you stay in your slippers during your workday. 
  1. Stick on a uniform, if you have one: Wearing your organisational brand on your body during work hours while at home, can help your brain shift into work mode.

We hope these tips can help you boost your WFH productivity. We’d love to hear the tips that work for you.